Courtesy Pay

Don’t go to a Payday Lender the next time you are short on cash. Let Appliance Credit Union help! We offer Courtesy Pay to help you avoid the inconvenience of having your debit card rejected. All members in good standing with ACU, have been members for at least 90 days, and are 18 or older may choose Courtesy Pay. Call Cheryl at (423) 479-5511 or email to Opt-In for Courtesy Pay today.

Where Members Come First!

Appliance Credit Union is committed to providing financial benefits to our members. Our credit union will promote savings, provide valued and expanding financial services and encourage financial stability within the community, while operating in a sound financial manner.

Applying for credit union membership is easy! All it takes is an initial deposit of $5.00 (one share) in your share/savings account which establishes your partial ownership of the credit union and a one time membership fee of $0.25 avails you to all other credit union services. To find out if you are eligible to join our credit union, contact our office today.

Our credit union frequently adds new services, be sure to check this site often for information about all the quality services offered to all our credit union members.

Did you know that you can manage your account with our Internet Teller? It's so easy, just click the button to log in!

Appliance C.U. VISA Credit Cards!

Apply today for an Appliance Credit Union VISA Credit Card. Qualifying applicants can take advantage of no balance transfer fees and a special introductory rate of 2.9% APR for 6 months. For more information contact Gayle Cross at 423.479.5511, ext. 104. You must be a member of Appliance Credit Union to apply.).

Skip Your Loan Payment!

Need extra cash for the holidays? Members in good standing may skip 2 monthly loan payments in a twelve month period for a fee of $25 per month, per loan. Contact our loan department today to learn more.

Signature Loans

We have increased our Signature Loan offers! Qualifying Members may borrow up to $15,000 for 60 months. Contact our Loan Department at to get an application today!

New Credit Union Features

If you have a share draft account with us, are a member in good standing with your share draft account open for more than three months, and are 18 or older, you are automatically given Courtesy Pay service on check or ACH transactions. This means your account will be allowed to go negative up to $500 (including fees).

If you would like for us to extend Courtesy Pay to your debit card transactions, contact us about signing an “Opt In” notice to cover those temporary cash shortages. By opting in for Courtesy Pay to cover your debit card, you will no longer suffer the embarrassment of having your card rejected.

Call Cheryl at 423-479-5511, for more information about our Courtesy Pay Program.